Fulfillment Policy


When our system finds a match to your dining request search, we will send a text message to the cel phone registered to your user account. This text message will include the restaurant, date and time for the match, as well as a link to use to attempt to book the reservation. Once an alert is delivered, we stop the search, but you may reactivate it and/or modify it at any time.

You may opt out of text messages by replying STOP to the alert. If this is done, our system will be prevented from sending you any further text messages. To be removed from the opt out list, text RESTART to 240-224-3030.


Mousekepros strives to deliver the best possible service to our members. In the event that you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us at subscriptions@mousekepros.com to inquire about a refund.

Our policy is that cancellation in the first 96 hours of membership is entitled to a full refund and that partial refunds for the first month of membership will be given after four days of membership have elapsed.

Note that renewals will NOT be refunded. We send out reminder emails and members can cancel at any time and retain access for the duration of their billing cycle.

If you believe you’ve been charged incorrectly, contact us at subscriptions@mousekepros.com so that we can review your payment history and take appropriate actions.